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  • After three years of litigation the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) approved relief for seven named Army Reserve Component (RC) plaintiffs of Wolfing et al. v. United States of America, Court of Federal Claims case # 18-523C.  The ABCMR concluded the denial of OHA and BAH to RC servicemembers while mobilized was a misinterpretation of the entitlements afforded them under the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR)/DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR). Subsequently the recoupment of monies, criminal investigation, and/or other retaliatory actions were unlawful and the servicemembers were awarded relief.
  • The Gulley et al. v. United States of America plaintiff's claim they were harmed by the same misinterpretation of the JTR/DoD FMR and unlawful denial of BAH and OHA, recoupment of monies, and criminal investigations. The plaintiffs have asked the Court to order the military to provide proper payment of housing entitlements, return any improperly recouped monies, and remove any flags for adverse records.
  • The ABCMR confirmed through their Wolfing et al. determinations that the JTR/DoD FMR permits RC servicemembers to receive dual housing entitlements while mobilized, however they have not committed to proactively locating and providing remedy to harmed servicemembers.
  • The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) provide more detailed information regarding this case. 

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